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Laser Dentistry- Water IPlus

The system we use here at SmileSonrisa is Biolase Water iPlus. It is quicker then a traditional dental drill while also being painless for our patients. This means no shots are needed to gain a beautiful smile! Using a stream of water, instead of a drill and needles not only replaces the need for pain but also reduces the risk of cross contamination. Using the Water iPlus helps keep our patients safe and healthy while keeping their smiles beautiful.

The Water iPlus also helps you spend less time in the dental chair. While everyone should go to the dentist at least a couple of times a year for a check-up and cleaning. Laser dentistry helps to reduce the need for multiple visits. When using a drill, the dentist can only numb a limited area of the mouth at one time. Because the Water iPlus requires no anesthetic, the dentist can fix all the cavities in one visit saving you time in the future.

Still not sure laser dentistry is the way to go?
Click the link below and read some of the information on the biolase website.
Water IPlus